Generate AI-powered copy in 1 click.

AI powered software that generates ad copy, product descriptions, sales copy, video scripts & more.

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Automatically generate unique and human-like copy in seconds.

Generate unlimited AI-powered copy in 1 click.

Simple, yet powerful

It's just like having a copywriting expert that writes powerful copy in 1-click.

Built-in AI features

Powered by Open AI's GPT-3 artificial intelligence.

Quick copy creation

Copy Shark's built-in AI powered platform makes content creation easy as 1-2-3.

12+ Tools

12+ Tools at your disposal to generate ad copy, website copy, product descriptions, sales copy & much more.

20+ Languages Supported

English, French, Spanish, German & many more languages supported.

Results driven

Turn your copywriting efforts into results, hit your KPI's, and easily scale your business with Copy Shark

What our customers
do with Copy Shark?

Look through the diverse use cases.

Ad Copy Generation

Copy Shark is a cutting-edge GPT-3 powered piece of copywriting software that can generate Facebook and Google ad copy. It's like having your own team of writers working around the clock to create unlimited ad copy for you.

Product Descriptions For eCommerce

ECommerce business owners spend hours generating product titles and descriptions. Business owners who take advantage of the Copy Shark product description tool can get back to focusing on their core business functions. Copy Shark generates unlimited diverse & creative product descriptions that are made to convert visitors into buyers.

Sales Copy & Video Scripts

Create compelling sales copy and video scripts, completely automatically -- no writer needed. Copy Shark copywriting software generates sales copy (email, landing page, sales letter) and video scripts. It creates this sales copy by analyzing any your brand and description, and then injecting the perfect words (phrases & full sentences) to max out your conversions.

Designed to fit every use case

Copy Shark is a new category of copywriting software with something for everyone.

For Marketers

A complete copywriting tool for marketers. Instead of writing individual landing pages for your offers, you can create 100's of them in minutes using our 1-click interface.

For Founders

The world's most powerful and simple to use copywriting software. Built by founders for founders, Copy Shark gives you the power of 10x smarter copy with just a few clicks.

For Writers

The software writers have dreamed about for years. It's the ultimate creative writing tool and an infinitely better tool than anything else available.

For Creators

Copy and content creation have always been some of the most labor intensive, time consuming parts of being a creator CopyShark's GPT-3 powered software takes aim at this burden with a copywriting system that helps you create far more engaging content.

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“Absolutely mind blowing, saves me hours in my eCommerce business”

James Hudson

“Wasn't expecting the software to be this impressive, I will never have to hire a copywriter again.”

Matt Smith
Community Lead

“Literally saves me hours of time, I use it for ads, landing page copy and product descriptions.”

Stuart Newman


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Generate unlimited AI-powered copy in 1 click.

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Generate unlimited AI-powered copy in 1 click.

✓ Unlimited AI Generations
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